In December of 2000, Dorothy and Harold's second daughter,
Nancy, started working closely with them to pass on
knowledge of the business. In October of 2002, Nancy and
her husband Mike, purchased the business from Dorothy and
Harold. With all the hard work that Dorothy and Harold had
put into getting this business started and keep it running
over the years, they wanted to keep it operating.

Dorothy and Harold continue to work
at "the shop", but in a smaller capacity.
Dorothy works two and a half days a
week and Harold still practically
lives down there. He has found more
time to devote to his greenhouse and
model airplanes. Growing up, I never
could understand why my dad was
always down at the shop. Now that I'm
running the place, I totally
understand. You literally could live
down there and never get everything
done that needs to be done. But, that's
ok. We're ready to make a go of it
ourselves and hopefully we can serve
our customers in the same great
fashion my parents did.