A small area of the store was set aside for already cleaned and
fired bisque pieces. In 2002, when a renter vacated a part of
their building, a new room was created for bisque. This allows
people that don't want to deal with the clay to paint ceramics
without the mess and need for a kiln.
This is definitely a family run business. All three of Dorothy and
Harold's children worked in the business growing up. Dorothy's
sister-in-law, Murt, worked there for many years. Harold's niece,
Jackie, has worked there for many years and is still working
there. Dorothy and Harold's oldest daughter, Claudia, teaches
classes on Monday nights. Claudia's husband, Keith, supplies
greenware for the shelves. Claudia and Keith's son, Brian, and
daughter, Amanda,worked there through high school. Dorothy and
Harold's granddaughter, Julianne, worked there through high
school. Dorothy and Harold's grandson, Mike, currently pours
greenware and mixes the clay.