In 1977, Dorothy and Harold
decided to introduce porcelain
products, which was basically new
to the area. Porcelain is a much
finer grade of ceramics. They
started out with Bell Porcelain
and have since added Seely
Porcelain. Dorothy, Harold, and
their oldest daughter, Claudia,
learned how to make porcelain
dolls and started pouring,
cleaning, firing, and teaching
others how to make their own
porcelain doll. These classes are
still being held approximately
three times a year.

All the new lines that were added needed additional floor
space for display. Because of this and the fact that the
greenware for sale was in a different building, they built
on an addition. This enabled them to bring all the supplies
and greenware for sale under one roof.
Ceramichrome and Mayco were their final major
distributorships they added. These two companies have
since combined to become Coloramics. They are the second
largest manufacturer of ceramic products in the nation.