Being an established ceramic distributor, many
manufacturing companies started to contact Dorothy and
Harold to ask them if they would be a supplier of their
products. Subsequently, they carry three lines of kilns
(Paragon, Skutt, and Cress), instead of one, and four
companies brush products (Duncan, Mayco, Gordon, and
Ceramichrome). At one time they ordered from approximately
12 major mold manufacturing companies throughout the
nation. Many of these mold companies have gone out of
business, but we still order from quite a few.
To broaden their product line they started to supply
modeling clay and wheels. This type of clay is used in the
school systems, camps in the area and potters. Some other
products taken on at this time were china paints and
In order to keep up with the newest techniques, Duncan
established a seminar program. This is a factory
represented program where certified teachers are made
available to show the distributors and their dealers how
Duncan's products are used. This program encouraged more
people to become involved in ceramics.