One of the basic ingredients in ceramics is clay and all clay
has to be fired in a kiln. For this reason, Dorothy and
Harold decided to take on the Paragon kiln distributorship.
Business grew so rapidly
that by 1974 they needed
more floor space.
Fortunately, the building
next door to them went up
for sale. They purchased
it, remodeled it, and moved
all the glazes, stains, and
miscellaneous merchandise
into this newly acquired
building. The greenware
for sale, the classes, and
the casting area were kept
in the old building.
By 1975, there were a lot of new items available in the
ceramic industry. One of these items, the casting table, made
manufacturing greenware much easier. Also, the new
175-gallon mixing tanks enabled liquid slip to be made in
large quantities. Straps were improved to keep molds from
coming apart and spilling slip.