It was at this time Dorothy and
Harold decided to buy a store.
They started out being open for
business three days a week. It
did not take long to find out
they could not accomodate all
of the people in that amount of
time. They then established
business hours of 9:00AM to
4:00 PM five days a week, which
is close to the hours they
currently have.
As time went on, they had many customers requesting
products from the number one ceramic manufacturing
company in the nation, Duncan Enterprises. Duncan is
very selective in delegating distributorships. When
Duncan awarded them the distributorship, Dorothy and
Harold decided to sell another business they owned to
obtain enough capital to make the purchase. With the
Duncan line available, many new accounts were obtained.
This was the turning point of their business. Certain
ceramic items need assessories. At this time lamp parts,
clock mechanisms, Christmas tree kits, bank plugs,
sponges, and many other miscellaneous items were taken